A podcast about the weird stories that make up this amazing city!

When War Started On The Streets Of Brisbane

In the Valley, on any Saturday night you’ll see Aussie blokes battling it out for “their girl” – in 1942 this male need to fight for our women led to a fight so massive that packs of Australian men in their HUNDREDS roamed the streets of Brisbane beating up their enemy.
Their enemy was actually their ally.
This horrific tale is about a time where Brisbane started looking like US city and our ally in World War became our enemy on the streets of Brisbane City!

Brisbane’s Most Haunted School

Every school has legends of hauntings, ghost sightings and past teachers or students spirits that refuse to leave, but this Brisbane boarding house has a history that just waiting for ghosts to come hang out. Could the decades of stories, backed up by students and staff alike actually have a really sweet explanation?

The Murder That Built Brisbane

A gruesome, psychopathic murder and robbery is committed at Kangaroo Point, a man is hung for the murder. 17 years later another man confesses. If true, The University of Queensland to the Royal Brisbane Hospital have blood money in their foundations…

Music from fesliyanstudios.com & Antti Luode

Lights In The Wishart Bush

What were a group of people doing hanging under coloured lights in Wishart bushland at 2.30am on a cold May morning? From public sex to medieval religion and everything else we could find we try and work out what on earth this group was doing.

This map roughly shows the location of the two lights we saw along the path (the red dots) and the blue x shows where the gathering was

Music thanks to Antti Luode

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